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bound across time

Patrick O Loinsigh. He's the bastard son of an earl, trapped in time since he was murdered in 1761, haunting the Welsh castle where he met his end. 


Celeste 'CeCe' Gowdie. She's an ambitious American historian, struggling to hang onto her job at the castle. That's the worst of her worries until she encounters Patrick: strong, fiercely attractive, witty. . . dead. 

Loving a ghost is dangerous business. Fatal consequences rush toward CeCe and Patrick is helpless to stop them. Is there hope in the prophecy of an ancient Irish seer? Can the spells of Welsh witches prevent the unthinkable? 


Or is the power CeCe doesn't even know she possesses enough to bridge time and defeat death for lovers Bound Across Time

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The chelsea milliner

Coming soon from the wild rose press!


Snuggle into a comfortable armchair in front of the fire with this passionate Twelfth Night tale.


Regency Era London. A woman who's sick of lies. A man who's lying for love. Will the truth destroy them? Or set them free of their pasts, forever? 

One man.

One woman.

One night. . . 

And a shop full of hats. 


the corset girl: A four-book series

Coming in 2025 from Bloodhound Books

London, 1890 


Michael Kelly. Born and reared in the hell of Whitechapel, he made his fortune in a notorious street gang.  Into his grim life falls Jillian Morehouse, as unlike him as any woman could be. Desire tells him to make her his own, but what would a sweet English rose want with a thug like him?


Jillian Morehouse. She led a charmed life in Hertfordshire until the death of her parents. Then she escaped years of drudgery in serve - through murder. The arrival of Michael Kelly complicates her life even more. He reeks of danger. So why can't she stop thinking about him? 


A woman hiding one moment of violence. A man who's an expert in it. Can molten desire be tempered into the steel both of them desperately need to survive? 

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tamsin lee & the Jaguar god

In submission. WINNER 2022 RTTA AWARD 
WINNER 2023 maggie award 
WINNER 2023 Daphne du maurier Award 

Danger. Love. Time travel.

Boston, 1912. Tamsin Lee's life is mad, mad, mad. A not-quite twenty-one year old Chinese-Welsh woman, she's drifting without purpose between graduation and college. Her parents are marooned in time by an experiment gone wrong, and Tamsin's being pushed into an arranged marriage.

The only sane thing to do is run away. To New Orleans, where  she meets Nick Saint - newspaperman, ambitious, British, handsome, bringing his own secrets and complications.


Along with intrepid French bulldog Chumley, Tamsin and Nick team up for the adventure of their lives.


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Nine sins, a novella

WINNER 2022 RTTA Award

Two lovers. One night. Nine sins.

Cadenza 'Cadi' Sainet- Roux. On the biggest night of her life - a fundraising masquerade ball modeled on Dante's Inferno - she encounters ...


Remy-Jean Chartier. Cadi's childhood sweetheart has been away for fourteen years. Now he's back to the woman he's never, even for an instant, stopped loving, but ... 


The years have changed them both. Remy wears a mask in more ways than one. Can Cadi possibly love him as he is now, scarred by where he's been, what he's done?

The two have one night, eight hours, nine sins, to find out. 

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